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Geraldine Mallon & Co. Ltd.

Chartered Accountants

As a client of Geraldine Mallon & Co. Ltd. you will have access to a huge range of accounting services and expertise.

Based on your needs we can advise on specific issues and provide general support to you and your business.

Our team of long-serving staff are dedicated to providing clients with a friendly and highly personalised level of service.

Changing Your Accountant

Changing your accountant may feel stressful and something you would rather avoid.
Maybe you feel you need to stay with your current accountants because you have always been with them, or maybe you just don’t know how to go about making the change.

The Next Step...

Contact us for a free no obligation consultation or meeting.
If you then make the decision to change, we will take care of everything required to make that happen by:
• Arranging for all the necessary tax information, and your books and records to be transferred to us.
• Advising the Revenue that we are now looking after your tax affairs.
• If you wish we can contact your current accountant and explain you are moving to us.
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